Understanding the Request Process for MBG

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Suppliers receive an email from MBG when a request for a Material Declaration form is made.


The email is comprised of six sections:

  1. The Header - details what is being requested. Note that MBG prefers that all files be returned in XML format, and that all XML submissions must be sent to WPASubmittal@lenovo.com


    ONLY Material Declarations for the new 1752A submittals should be sent to WPASubmittal@lenovo.com

    All communications should go to environmentaldata@motorola.com


  1. Link to Motorola Supplier Web site, with access to our FAQ, Training Guides and Support Information

  2. Contact section, providing the email addresses the Mobile Devices business.
    This address should be used for all supporting documents, and any communications other than 1752A Material Declaration

  3. Due Date for when Material Declaration must be received by MBG

  4. Information section - provides details on what parts MBG is requesting Material Declaration for

  5. The Footer - provides the name of the requestor who is requesting the Material Declaration, normally the Development Engineer